Field of environmental monitoring and Making evaluating environmental affection report

  • In order to implementation of business plans of the company and contribute to follow of Environmental Law , Annually our company annual sent groups to doing environmental monitoring at the unit , enterprise in northern provinces , such as Lao Cai , Ha Giang , Lai Chau , Bac Kan , Yen Bai , Hung Yen , Hai Duong ... , which has a number of businesses of South Korea, Taiwan , Japan , China

  • Laboratory (Laboratory) of the Company (VILAS 372) has been accredited  2nd by Bureau of Accreditation (BoA)  of Science and Technology is the Standard Laboratory of national and international  (ISO/IEC-17025/2005), equipped with relatively adequate tools, modern equipment and qualified staffs for analysis on 40 indicators of water, surface water, ground water, waste water and air
  • Nearly, our company will expand analyzing field in microbiological analysis, strength other accredited indicators; soil analysis dept. with modern equipment. Parallels with joining in testing annual, our company keeps sent staff on training to improve qualifications

Our company did and now doing evaluating environmental affection report for many projects in some provinces 

  • KS 4 sao tại Sapa - Lào Cai;  + Thuỷ điện Sông Lô 4 - Hà Giang
  • Nhà máy DONGBANG (Hàn Quốc)- Hải Dương.